16. My bucket’s bucket list

  1. I want to be a young boy’s helmet as he conquers his backyard with an endless imagination.
  2. I want to be a flower pot on a retired woman’s porch in the south where the air smells of peaches.
  3. I want to be lowered to the bottom of a new well to scoop water for the thirsty.
  4. I want to carry seashells and pretty rocks found during a lovers’ stroll along the beach.
  5. I want to mold part of the world’s biggest sandcastle.
  6. I want to be an instrument in a traveling folk band.
  7. I want to float down the Mississippi.
  8. I want to apologize to Jack for being so heavy that he fell down, and to Jill, for tumbling after.
  9. I want to be painted by a kindergarten class.
  10. I want to be filled with Napa County grapes to be smashed into wine.
  11. I want to be pulled up from the street to bring groceries to an old Turkish woman’s window.
  12. I want to be a step-ladder for that thing you can’t quite reach.
  13. I want to carry juicy red apples fresh from the orchard.
  14. I want to be a part of a teenager’s first time washing their car, even if I just hold the soapy rags.
  15. I want to be filled with bird-feed and hung from an ancient oak tree.
  16. I want to be where the kittens play.
  17. I want to carry freshly hatched eggs from the pen back to the kitchen.
  18. I want to meet my cousins, the basket and the box.
  19. I want to be full of children’s sidewalk chalk on a hot summer day in San Francisco.
  20. I want to visit Nantucket, if only because of the rhyme.

Anyway, my point is, everything has dreams.

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