65. Language shifts

I think one of my favorite words is “hafta.”

As in, “I hafta see this movie” or “I’ll hafta ask for the day off work.”

It used to be, “I have to.”

We used to say, “Going to.”

Now we say, “Gonna.”

As in, “I’m gonna make it big someday.”

Or the dreamers, they used to “want to.”

Now they “wanna.”

As in, “I wanna travel.”

“I wanna see the world.”

Some people “should have.”

Most likely, they “shoulda.”



The more formal of us “oughtta.”

“Did you” has turned to “Didya.”

“Doing” lost the G.

We’ve lost many Gs.

We’ve traded velar nasals for apostrophes.

“Goin’, goin’, gone.”

We’re trimming back.

Dropping morphemes.

“Until” is “Til.”

“Around the corner” is “Round the corner.”

We’re condensing.

Saving time.

“Do not know” is just, “Dunno.”



As in, “With lotsa shifts in the language, I’m gonna have a helluva time teaching English in the future.”

Adaptation is key.

You hafta keep up.

If you wanna know what we’re sayin’.

4 thoughts on “65. Language shifts

  1. I love this. I love they way you broke up the lines. I love the poetic feel as you incorporated all the of the words we have sliced and cut apart just to save time in a single sentence at the end. This is very creative and genius work! Keep it up!

  2. I love this. I read an article today about how Texas is losing it’s special “twang” and that the ‘g’ is coming back, ‘y’all’ is disappearing, and ‘fixin” as in ‘fixin’ to do something’ not fixing something that is broke is almost gone because of the people from all over moving down here for jobs. Being from Texas and an adamant user of ‘y’all’ and ‘fixin to go’ and non user of the ‘g’ while speaking, this post gave me hope that maybe the Texan Twang has hope 🙂

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