1. How hard can it be?

How hard can it be to have a thousand thoughts?

We have thoughts all the time. We’re thinking when we dream and we think as soon as we wake up. We think about breakfast, have thoughts about our lives, think about work or school or play. We share thoughts with friends and we keep some of them, most of them, private from the world. We think about problems and happy memories and responsibility and relationships. We think about thinking. You, you’re thinking as you read this, using that noggin of yours to do wonderful, amazing feats without even, ironically, thinking about it.

So how hard can it be to start a blog where all I do is write a thousand thoughts?

Well, I don’t want these to just be any old thoughts. I want the good stuff. I want the stuff that causes debates at the family gathering, the thoughts that friends discuss on rooftops at three in the morning after two sixers of cheap beer beneath the satellites. I want thoughts that keep you up at night. I want to write about the ideas and feelings and fears and theories that plague us, open-ended and maleable concepts that deny us easy answers like fish that give the fisherman a good chase rather than chomping down on the first reasonable piece of bait in the pond.

So how hard can it be?

Where do those thoughts come from? Life, I suppose. From conversations with strangers and the random pages of a book I’ve never read. From historical speeches and political mishaps and scientific breakthroughs. From the headlines and the word of mouth. From us, from you, from the spiraling whirlpool of images in my head.

It might be hard, it might be easy.

But here are a thousand thoughts, by Chris Fryer.

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